A New Place

  • Pagosa Springs – Vacation

    By / July 19, 2018 / A New Place, Vacation

    My daughter and Son-in-Law decided to rent a house here for Christmas.  They rented a beautiful home and so Missy and I decided to come and check it out.  I am glad we did! We have one more week of vacation, well I do, before I start my new job.  We are glad we came… [read more]

  • A New Beginning

    By / August 10, 2015 / A New Place

    Hi all!  It has been quite some time since I posted and for good reason.  I got a new job!  Yup, after almost ten years at the same place I have moved to a different school.  This school is so different from San Jacinto.  This is a private, or independent school.  I was surprised to… [read more]

  • When Is It Time to Leave?

    By / July 10, 2015 / A New Place

    I recently decided to leave my job of almost ten years.  If you listen to my podcast, TTIT, you might be surprised I didn’t leave earlier.  I have made frustrations with MISD and public education known.  However, the time was not right for my departure until recently.   I still felt a sense of mission… [read more]

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