• Ft. Davis – A Long Hike

    By / April 13, 2018 / Camping

    We spend a weekend at Davis Mountains State Park and took a little hike!

  • Texas State Parks

    By / October 20, 2017 / Camping, Travel

    I have created an interactive spreadsheet for all of the Texas State Parks.  I am updating it often, so check back for the latest version so check back often. You can access it by clicking below:

  • Day Three at the Lake

    By / March 20, 2013 / Camping

                We awoke to a new day at the lake, a good day.  All days at the lake are good days.  We have found that it takes two or three days to get used to the camping lifestyle.  If you come and leave in a day or two, you tend… [read more]

  • Spring Break – Day Two

    By / March 16, 2013 / Camping

                          We have arrived and are enjoying our time here at Lake Brownwood.  Today we had to run into town and buy some supplies because we didn’t do much buying before we left.  I wouldn’t recommend that, but we let time get away from us,… [read more]

  • Spring Break Day One

    By / March 11, 2013 / Camping, Family

              We got on the road this morning headed for Lake Brownwood for some camping.  We didn’t get left until around noon, but we did make it in time to arrive at Brownwood before 5, which was when the park closed.  The trip was interesting, I had some issues with my… [read more]

  • Guadalupe River Park

    By / October 9, 2012 / Camping, Family

    Here are some of the photos I took last week at Guadalupe State Park.  I went to a training seminar and decided to take my wife and daughter along, so we went camping.  The park is beautiful, check it out.  

  • Tori and Daddy at Palo Duro

    By / May 27, 2012 / Camping, Family

    I forgot to post this, but we went to Palo Duro Canyon during spring break and had a blast. We went on a long hike, here is some of the video. Tori and myself almost got run over, but it was so much fun.

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