• Dr. Carson Speaks at Prayer Breakfast

    By / February 12, 2013 / Church, Culture, Politics, Religion

    What if we actually put these “ideas” into place? What would our country look like? I think yes, do it! What do you think? Until next time, peace.

  • The Stethoscope

    By / January 5, 2012 / Religion

    This is great, watch to the end and see if you can figure out what they are advertising.

  • Does Church Need to Change?

    By / June 22, 2010 / Church, Churches, Culture, Religion, Youth

    This is a newsletter article I wrote for our church, check it out and let me know what YOU think: Recently Pastor Randy gave us statistics that identified only four percent of those around 18 years of age are attending church. Four percent! Wow! Can you imagine if only four percent of those in your… [read more]

  • Happy Easter

    By / April 3, 2010 / Christianity, Church, Religion

    Happy Easter to all of you!  On this Holiest of holidays I wish you the joy of knowing Christ resurrected! He is risen, He is risen indeed.  Enjoy this video clip from Mel Gibson’s masterpiece, The Passion of the Christ. I pray you enjoy your day and you life knowing you are forgiven and not… [read more]

  • Great Resource

    By / February 24, 2010 / Church, Culture, Religion, Youth

    Parent Newsletter Contents Tools for Parenting Teens Learn Their Lingo Links to Learn From A Little Encouragement…And Humor 1. Tools for Parenting Teens From Zoom Out Let’s help our kids to pull back from the moment right in front of them to think about their big “P” purposes as a follower of Christ—no matter… [read more]

  • Open Secrets

    By / January 30, 2010 / Books, Church, Religion

    Just finished an intersting book on the pastorate in a small Illinois town. The book was recommended to me by my father-in-law, Dan Schiel, and as usual, his recommendation was a good one. A Lutheran pastor shares all in this kiss and tell book. He had permission to tell the story of how this pastor… [read more]

  • Read This Book!

    By / May 6, 2009 / Books, Church, Religion

    If you read one “Christian” book this year do yourself a favor and read this book!  Maybe you are confused by the way you are supposed to “act” and “feel” as you are attending church, or maybe you are searching for authenticity and honesty.  If so this book will be a refreshing look at the… [read more]

  • Our Visit to Midland Lutheran

    By / April 19, 2009 / Church, Churches, Religion

    We visited the week after Easter and found few cars in the parking lot, in fact we thought we may have arrived at the wrong time. But we soon discovered we had the time correct, 10:30, so we went in and were greeted by a kind couple who welcomed us and told us to, “try… [read more]

  • Our Visit to Mid – Cities

    By / April 12, 2009 / Church, Churches, Culture, Movies, Religion

    MID CITIES Today we visited a large church, Mid-Cities Community Church,  midway between Odessa and Midland, Texas.  It is a beautiful church, done in old European style.  You enter in through a foyer passing a round statue and sitting area just outside the doors.  You are greeted by several folks (a bit overdone) wishing you… [read more]

  • Religion – Illusion? Or Something Else?

    By / March 17, 2009 / Books, Church, Religion

    I’m reading an interesting book entitled, Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson. It is a book about a preacher during the 1950’s who is in his 70’s and been diagnosed with a heart ailment and his time is short. He married late in life and had a son who is seven years old. He decides to write… [read more]

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