A Great Book

I just read this book and I commend it to you.  The author describes how he grew up in a fundamental Christian home and lived to tell about it.  He does an excellent job of weaving together his life with what the church was doing in his life, or maybe to his life, and how this affected his world view. 

I loved his depiction of his pastor, Pastor Nolan.  I’m sure his intentions were noble, but the damage done to his charges was severe.  A simplistic look a life is not what the Bible calls for, but Pastor Nolan dishes out his own myopic view life from the pulpit, you have to read it to appreciate it.  Imagine a young boy riding in the car with his pastor, who is shaving and getting dressed while driving, and given the third degree on the way to church.  Mr. Turner is at his best in this scene.

After years of being raised in a “fundamentalist” church Mr. Turner longs for something else. The end of the book is worth the price of admission as Mr. Turner describes his circumstances today, it is refreshing. This is a great read if you may have been raised in the church, but didn’t see how all those rules fit you. Take a couple hundred pages and enjoy the ride. In the end Mr. Turner is all about authenticity and transperancy, check it out!

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