Church Shopping

My Former Church

My Former Church

And so it begins – church shopping. We left the church we were attending and where I had been a pastor for a variety of reasons. The worst part about leaving a church is finding a new one.

  • Will the church have a warm feeling?
  • Will we like the pastor?
  • Will the music be good?
  • Will the church offer programs and options for our kids?
  • Will the church be theologically compatible with our beliefs?
  • Will it be a good fit?

So many questions and SO many churches.

I invite you to follow me, beginning tomorrow, as we visit several churches in the next few weeks and give you an honest assessment of our thoughts of that church. I will look the things I mentioned previously and give you my opinion as to the “feel” of the church. Of course my report will be subjective and seen through my eyes. Come on along for ride, should be interesting.

Tomorrow we visit a rather large church, Mid-Cities Community Church. I have attended before, but it was over ten years ago, I’m sure much has changed since then. I’ll let you know what we findd

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