Our Visit to Midland Lutheran

Midland Lutheran Church, Midland, Texas

Midland Lutheran Church, Midland, Texas

We visited the week after Easter and found few cars in the parking lot, in fact we thought we may have arrived at the wrong time. But we soon discovered we had the time correct, 10:30, so we went in and were greeted by a kind couple who welcomed us and told us to, “try us again, our pastor is gone this week”.

The regular was indeed there and started the service by telling us not to be disappointed that our numbers were so small, after all Jesus only had ten after Easter. The bulletin contained several pieces of paper with one having a order of service in a list on a small slip of paper. That would prove helpful.

The music was traditional and on this Sunday, only organ music was used, not my favorite. The songs were all hymns, difficult to sing. The message was about 15 minutes long and was on the reappearance of Jesus to his disciples. The pastor made a point I wished he would have elaborated on, namely that Easter was not for the world, but for us, Christians. This gave me pause for thought and I was looking forward to hearing more, but the sermon ended before I could understand what the pastor was really trying to say.

I got the feeling that the church was not growing, we were the youngest, and most were over 60 with only two visible youth or children. We were welcomed to take communion and we were made to feel welcomed by the folks in attendance.

The service lasted about 75 minutes, it seemed longer to me. I had a hard time following the service, a traditional Lutheran experience to be sure. We left through a side door, before we did the pastoral assistance said hello and made small talk, but we left before anyone else could talk with us.

I left our information on the pew, but as of yet have not been contacted by anyone. The folks were friendly, but I get the feeling that the church does not have an evangelism program. Next week we head to a larger church, I’ll let you know what we find there. Until then, be blessed.

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