I’m Going to do it!

run2Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where the day-to-day just isn’t cutting it? You know what I mean, you live your life, kids, job, spouse, church, that occasional trip and night out, but where is the challenge? Sure, you have some challenges in your job, but honestly, you could “mail it in” and people would be happy. Now I’m not advocating that way of life, but I think it is the reality of life in the United States. Most of us are fortunate to have what we need, if not what we want, and we seek challenge and meaning in different areas of our lives.

I have chosen to run a race close to home, The Crossroads Marathon in Odessa, Texas on October 3. The race is perfect for me, close to home, run in October so I can train during the summer months when I am not teaching and the track is flat, VERY flat!

So follow my training here, I’ll let you know the good, bad and ugly. If you want to join me in person on the web in virual training, let me know, I could use a training buddy! Need help on how to train? Go to www.halhigdon.com for great advice and training schedules.

That is certainly true for me, I have come to the point where I am looking for something that will truly test me in many different capacities. I need to be challenged as to my discipline, my physicality, my stamina and my mental toughness. I need to know if I do indeed measure up to my image of who I think I am. I can think of no better way to do that than to run the ultimate race (at least for most of us) the marathon. Twenty-six miles, 385 yards of nothing but sweat, pain and asphalt. I started training this week. The first week didn’t go as well as I had planned, a little heat exhaustion the first long run of six miles, but I won’t give up!

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