Public Enemies Review

peYesterday my wife and I saw the movie, Public Enemies, starrring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.  I was eager to see a movie about John Dillinger the 1930’s Public Enemy number one.  I loved Christian Bale in the Batman movie and have come to appreciate Johnny Depp, but . . . I was dissapointed with this one.  I came into the movie wanting to love it, but came away saying less than glowing things about the movie.

I asked my wife on the way out what she thought and she succinctly summed up my feelings, “It was OK” and that is the best I can say of it.  The action was slow, the movie too long (143 minutes), and the story barely followed the timeline of the last few years on Dillinger’s life.  There were huge gaps in the last year of Dillinger’s life (check this link for an accurate timeline of John Dillinger’s life), some of would have been very interesting.

Christian Bale played Marvin Pervis, the FBI agent who was credited with tracking down several public enemy number ones, but his accent was barely believeable.  He played it like he did Batman.  Depp was good, as usual, but seemed to be too reserved for the real John Dillinger.  The movie spent a great deal of time on the love affair Dillinger had with his girlfriend, but the real Dillinger had several girlfriends and was in the company of a prosititute the night he was gunned down in Chicago.

Maybe I expect to much historical accuracy, but nonetheless I was disappointed with the movie.  I wish I would have waited for the movie on DVD, at least then I could have fast forward and made the movie shorter.

Leave your opinion if you see it, I would love to hear what you think.

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