Vacations are Great!

Freese Cousins at Phoenix Zoo July 2009

Freese Cousins at Phoenix Zoo July 2009

Just got back from vacation in Phoenix with family last weekend.  We had such a great time, we were busy, but not too busy.  We got to see everyone and everyone got to see us, it was wonderful!  We really enjoyed ourselves.  The weather was so hot, but we didn’t seem to mind too much, my only complaint was I didn’t get to do any golfing, maybe next time. In the meantime check out some of our photos by clicking here.

We left on July 5th had a great time in Tucson with my sister and then headed up to Phoenix for the week, and boy did I mention it was hot?  Around 112 degrees everyday.  I used to live there, but not sure how I did it.  The traffic is awful too, but it is such a beautiful place to live, in DECEMBER.

We celebrated my my son’s 17th birthday and my daughter’s 16th with friends and family.  I think it is great the kids want to do that for their birthdays.   It has been a tradition for years in our family to have, as we say in Texas: big doings.  Some years we visited a resort with a waterpark, other years we did just did parties and/or dinners, but always with family.

Tradition is important, it builds into the fabric of family something to be counted on, looked forward to and experienced with joy.  The beauty of our hot vacations are, they become more than vacations and in fact, almost become more important the event itself.  Take time to do vacations or should I say, create and live a tradition.  We do and even though it happens in a rather hot and crowded environment, who cares, we are with people we love and on that is which we most enjoy. Check out some of our photos here.

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