Things Out of Control in Denver

If you need anymore evidence that things are out of control in Denver just watch this video. The Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall was suspended for the rest of the regular season due to “insubordination” by new head coach Josh McDaniels. Marshall’s behavior this off season has been less than exemplary, but he is the only player with superstar quality left on a woeful Denver Bronco team.

Since McDaniels has come to Denver he has swapped a young quarterback who has superstar potential for a journeyman quarterback who has never gotten the job done, alienated the Bronco fan base, been less than forthcoming with the media and now has decided to play hardball with a player he desperately needs. Instead of disrespecting Marshall during the off-season and during training camp, why didn’t he attempt to build a relationship, especially after the debacle with Cutler? The answer is this kid is in way over his head.

This Bronco fan is hoping for a quick exit to this fiasco called the Josh McDaniels era. Maybe several straight blow out losses will rid the once great Bronco franchise of this inept coach so that the team can get to doing what it does best, contend for the AFC west division. Otherwise, you can expect a long, cold winter. Anyone know where Mike Shanahan is right now??????

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