Golf and Consistency

Part of my 90 days to change involves doing things I enjoy and golf is certainly one of them. I found this nifty site, that allows me to track my golf game simply and easily. It is fantastic! I haven’t gotten to record many scores yet, but enough to get an idea of my game.

One thing I have done is this past year is to try and play at least once every week since April. My game is not great, but so much better than it was when I started playing again with consistency. And I have found that consistency has been the key to improving and to giving myself a chance to score. I think there is a great deal of application to life; be consistent in all you do and improvement will be made.

So with my 90 days of change will include a great deal of consistency: exercise, reading, working, planning, praying, family time all of these and more are areas where I am convinced I can see great strides if I am consistent and do a little at a time with regularity. I am tracking my golf game and my life! More later.

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