Jose Offerman is out of Baseball

Jose Offerman was not the easiest guy to work with while in the major and minor leagues here in the states. I umpired many games in which Offerman played, and while he was never as serious a threat as he seems to be now, he was always difficult to deal with each night.

It seems he has issues that need to be dealt with off the field. This issue makes me wonder why anyone would go to the Dominican Republic to umpire. Look closely at how far away the “native” umpires are from the action. The umpires did the right thing to leave the country. I hope Jose gets it together, but I doubt his “suspension for life” holds up. He was and continues to be someone who should be in the therapists office, but since he could hit a baseball and bring people out to the game, he continued to be a part of baseball.

Below are two incidents involving Offerman and violence on the field. What do you think?

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