Book of Eli

My wife and I saw this movie last weekend with Gene and Betty, our dear friends. We wanted to see, Edge of Darkness, but it was sold out. I am glad we were able to view Book of Eli, it was a good movie.

As a Christian who holds the Bible to be not only important, but the source of life, I was pleased to see the book treated with respect from a movie from Hollywood. Without giving the plot away I was impressed with how the movie showed how this book, this Word of God, is so important. Too often in today’s society we treat the Bible as just another book, even we Christians, but in fact it is the Word of Life!

The movie is a futuristic movie that conveys the future one in which much of civilization has lost its classics of lierature. The quest that the main character sees himself on is a quest of faith, one led by the Holy Bible. He uses terms that have double meaning, e.g. I am walking by faith.

This movie does have an R rating for violence and language, but if you can past that I think it is thought provoking movie. We recommend it to you. You may need to do what we did, have a cup of coffee afterwards to process it with dear friends, enjoy.

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