Great Resources from CPYU

If you have teenagers you know they live in a different world. The clothes they wear (why do they wear their pants around their ankles?), the music they listen to, the things they think are fun (hangin’ out with my peeps, what exactly does that mean?), the way they use technology (100 texts a day is not unusual), the idealistic view of life and of course the way they use the English language can all be quite vexing.

It is almost impossible to keep up with it all, but take heart: a great resource is the CPYU center. What is the CPYU center? It stands for Center for Youth/Parent Understanding. The leaders are folks who are parents, pastors and teachers. They have been in the thick of the fight on different fronts for years and know what it is like to have a son or daughter you suddenly fail to understand.

They produce podcasts, magazines and email updates to help you cope with the difficulties of parenting teens. Below are some links to their resources:

Email Update
CPYU Podcasts

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