I Can Do It All!

Do you ever feel that you are living that old saying, “Jack of all things, master of none?” Today I was taking a shower and was mentally making a list of all that I need to do:

  • Grade 1,000 papers (no joke, I teach 8th grade and have 120 students, and I’m about 9 behind)
  • Buy life insurance
  • Draft a will
  • Plan a meeting
  • Fix my wife’s van
  • Make calendar for youth group (I’m a youth pastor too)
  • Pay my bills (this always seems to get left off my list and then I pay the price for a late payment)
  • Return 7 phone calls
  • Wash all my cars, I have five. Before you think I am rich, all of them have over 100,000 miles an two are driven by kids and one doesn’t shift into high gear, which makes driving over 40 difficult
  • Fix the above-mentioned van
  • Fix my O2 sensor in my truck
  • Work on my business idea
  • Update my own blog
  • Finish creating a website for our youth group
  • Check out business I went to see last week
  • Plan golf tournament
  • Start lawn business with my sons
  • Get “really” good at playing golf
  • Read – a lot more than I do. I am reading a book every three weeks, but would sure like that to be one a week. 

And the list goes on and on.  I am currently working three jobs: teaching 8th grade, youth pastoring a small church and umpiring college baseball.  All of which demand a tremendous amount of dedication to be truly good at any one of them.  However, I find myself doing just enough to get by.  I wonder what I could do if I truly focused on one thing at a time?  But is that possible to do with the way my schedule works?  I don’t think so, but there has to be a way to be good at all of them at ONE TIME. 

So I am going to try to come up with a way to do all these things well, without doing any one of them poorly.  I think it must be in the systems.  I am on a quest to find how to be better at what I am doing and what I want to do without sacrificing myself on the altar of the American pursuit of crazy. 

I would love any systems you might use or suggestions.  My sanity depends on it!

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