Salt and . . . Family

I got home last night and the plan was to run, cook, eat and then get some work done. I really need to get some work done, but when I got home my lovely wife told me my son wanted to know if I was cooking. She said yes and he told her he was coming home and could he get a movie that we all could watch, hang on for this, as a family. As a dad who values my family above all else, family time is a rare thing. I was thrilled and although the night wasn’t perfect, it was fantastic to know my son wanted to spend time with his old mom and dad.

He even picked out a movie he knew I wanted to see. What a gift. Our time together is so rare now, and my son is in college locally and older daughter is a senior. I sometimes get misty-eyed about the days gone by, I sure miss all-the-time family time. Hope it happens a lot more, love you son and thanks for a great surprise.

By the way, the movie we watched was called, SALT. I have been anxious to see it. Below is the trailer. I thought it was very good, 3.8 stars. But then again I like the espionage movies. Check it out and see what you think.

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