School’s Out For Summer

Here we are again, summer time.  School is out and everyone is busy making their plans.  I just fininished my assignment last week.  I teach school, but have duty one week after the kids get out of school.  So here I am with a whole week ahead of me with nothing to do, I wish.  It seems your schedule gets filled even if you don’t fill it, what do I mean?

Here is an example:

  • Church youth projects
  • Nephew in town from Tucson
  • Missy, my wife, is out of town, so I have house duty, yuck
  • Chyrsallis prep
  • Air conditioning is out
  • Finishing up home financing
  • Fix son’s truck
  • Fix wife’s car

And the list goes on and on.  But, the great thing about being a teacher is, I do have the summer to get some stuff done, here is hoping I do some fun stuff as well.  Gotta run, the five year old just said, “I’m hungry” and she waits for no man. 

Leave your comments with your summer plans.

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