I cannot believe that summer time is almost over! At least it is almost over for me. I teach school and to think that I start back in less than three weeks is incredible. I spent the first week after school working. You see I am a department chair which means that I get to work longer and harder for almost no extra money, I’m not complaining, just stating the facts ma’am.

The next two weeks found me staying at home with my kids as my lovely wife was out of town for those two weeks writing math curriculum and teaching math camp.  We did manage to get to a campsite, but only for a few days.  Next thing I know it is vacation time in Phoenix at the water park, and now home and now, well now I have a lock in at church (I am also the youth director at our church) and then next week I am working a flight, Christian retreat, and then, sob, I have

another training.  Oh, I almost forgot I had a training in Dallas, yuck!  I learned a lot though, so I shouldn’t complain.

Oh well, now it is off

to hit golf balls with my lovely wife, trying to enjoy as much of summer as I can, you should do the same.   Peace.

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