Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia

Every once in a while you find a book that speaks to your soul. That seems to hit you right between the eyes with the truth of your life. If we are lucky, we are already living out our lives with the perspective of the eternal, but I suspect most of us are not. We are busy people with busy lives. Jobs, kids, spouses and responsibilites consume our time and our souls.

Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days in Utopia is one of those books. I love golf! I lover everything about it: the grass, the water, the challenge, the fellowship forged on a course, the round and the looking back to see how you could have done better. It has been said life is much like a golf game: sometimes you on a beautifully-manicured fairway and sometimes you are in the weeds, sometimes you bounce through the sand trap and sometimes you get buried in one. This book uses golf to teach us about life.

I grew up playing golf . In fact some of my fondest memories are found on a golf course with my dad. Sadly my dad and I didn’t stay close and those golf outings became just a memory. But the memories are sweet, memories of early mornings and late afternoons with just my dad and me talking about the things of life. It seems to me the only place we were able to really talk was on the golf course.

This book brought me back to the sweet place of my youth where it was just me and dad playing the back nine trying to break 90 for me and 80 for my dad. But it never really mattered to me, the time with him talking about life was what really mattered, all that ever really mattered. I read the book this weekend and thoughts of my life, with my dad and after his passed, came flooding back to me as tears flowed from by eyes I saw how this game I love is much more than a game. It helped me to understand my attraction to it, addicition for it. I need it because I need to know I have purpose and hope.

Do yourself a favor and read this book, rather you golf or not, you will be touched by the simple, yet deep story of the book. Golf is the vehicle for a very important discussion on life and calling. I am rethinking my calling in light of the words and message of this book, I wonder what it might change in me? Can’t wait to find out.

I had the benefit of reading the book on an outing with my wife. As a matter-of-fact we are on a golf outing. I read the book in the shadow of my camper before I played a round of golf and my thoughts drifted back to the book time and time again.  I don’t know if the book had a direct affect on my game, but I played better than I have in years.  I shot an 82 and 78, incredible scores for me.   Read the book and leave a comment, I would love to hear it!

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