Body for Life Started

Melissa and I have decided to try and get healthy this year. We have participated in the 12 week, “Body for Life” program. We had tremendous success when we did this a few years ago. The plan includes an eating plan, exercise plan and the important, FREE DAY. We lost several pounds and gained muscle mass, toned up and most importantly, became much healthier, slept better, had more energy and had an overall better outlook on life. Here are the basics

  • You eat six meals a day made up of a protein and carbohydrate
  • You exercise six times a week
    • 3 times on cardio
    • 3 times on upper body one week and lower body the next week
  • You get one “Free” day each week to rest and eat and drink as you please

We loved the program and wonder why we didn’t maintain it, but we did and are now back on the wagon.  Part of the program is to take a before and after picture.  We are, but not sure if we want to post anything as of yet, we might at the end of it.

Today is day one in the program.  We are running today (cardio) and have had an orange protein shake, turkey sandwich on whole wheat pita bread and am looking forward to a protein bar this afternoon, chicken enchilada soup, another protein shake and some snack later tonight.  You are never really hungry, that is for sure.  Here is the book that contains great recipes. If you wonder what kind of foods you can eat, this is the chart that can help you decide what to stock your pantry with while on the program.

And finally, here is a list of exercises and the book to get you started, good luck and let me know if you decide to give it a try, you won’t be sorry.


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