The Way is an Incredible Movie

I watched the movie, The Way over the weekend.  I had heard about the movie from a great podcast I listen to, The Break, I recommend it.  Anyway, I had heard about it sometime last year.  It talks about the historic walk, ” The Way of St. James”.  This is a historic pilgrimage many take each year.  One starts in France and ends in Spain.  Along the way you stop on the trail, sometimes in very sparse surroundings and  sometimes in more elegant surroundings.  The movie does a great job with showing both of these aspects.  But the movie does more than just show a “walk”, it motivates you to think about the meaning of the walk, and for me, motivated me to think about taking this “walk”.

The movie centers around Martin Sheen’s character, Tom.  Tom’s son, Daniel played by Emilio Estevez, who also wrote, produced and directed the movie.  Daniel dies on his attempt and Tom travels to France to take his son home.  But once Tom gets to France he is motivated to take the walk himself.  He meets some interesting characters along the way and winds up finding some peace along the way.

I highly recommend this movie.  If you do please leave a comment and let me know what you think about it.  Check out the trailer below to see more about the movie.

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