Football and Theology

Yesterday a local church brought Tim Tebow to our local town to sit and visit.  I am a huge Denver Bronco fan and of course was rooting for Tim Tebow.  I love his Christian witness and how he is so vocal about his faith.  So I was so looking forward to his visit.  The venue was, of course, a football field with a couple of music acts before and then Switchfoot to play after Tebow.  It promised to be a great evening . . .

However, it was less than I thought it would be.  The questions seemed hurried, no time for follow up.  No tough questions, no questions that delved into the recent treatment of Tim Tebow by the Denver Broncos.  And most disappointing, Mr. Tebow didn’t sign any autographs, except for those with few who were lucky enough to have connections to the church that brought him to Midland.

Bottom line: I was left wanting and my opinion of Mr. Tebow, well lets just say, it is changed.  If you went what did you think?

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