Clean Up Day








Oh my gosh!!!  I feel like I am on an edition of Hoarders!  We are cleaning up my son and daughter’s room and it is CLUTTERED! How does a 15 year old and a six year old get so much stuff?  I am working with my wife, but I have been banished from the room because I am not helping, only being critical.  Well for the love of Mike, how does this happen?

I can tell you this, it won’t happen again.  The boy and the girl are joining the army, my army.  Time to clean up, organize and baton down the hatches (I guess that is navy talk).  No matter, they are going to have to shape up, wow are they messy.  Okay, I think it is time for me to go back and criticize, I mean help my wife . . . more later . . . wish me luck as I go back into the pit.

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