Bus Drivers Rock











If you read yesterday’s blog post then you heard my frustration with our bureaucracy with our school district and specifically the bus folks.  Well I learned a lesson.  When you want to know something ask those that do instead of those that plan.  I do planning myself and know that it is easy to think things are going one way, but in reality they are really functioning in another way.  So I asked a bus driver this morning and she told me the correct bus, which wasn’t even close to the bus I was told.  Which makes me wonder, do they really know what is going on?

I got to thinking if I ran my classroom that way if I could get away with it?  Tell the students one thing, but grade them on something else?  It might be fun just to see the reaction, but no, that is not something I would do.  So my frustration was justified, but really, no one cared.

And you know what?  That just isn’t right!  We in the school district should be driven to do everything with perfection.  We have the future generation we are training and what message does it give to our students when we are inept or uncaring?  I know we all have bad days, but we should do better.  I was told by one of our administrators that is just the way it is.  Well that isn’t good enough.  We are proposing a bond for $163 million. If we can’t get the bus schedule straight are we really able to handle that money responsibly?  Something to think about.

On a high note, my classes are much smaller this year and I am enjoying them a great deal.  I think my kids will do well and they seem to be very eager, I can’t wait to see what I learn from them.  Only time will tell.  Better run, have another hour and then I am off today to see what I can do at home for fun.  I have been working hard and am eager to take a break.  See you tomorrow.

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