First Day of School

First Day of SchoolAs a teacher you look forward to and dread the first day of school. Your concerns are many: how many students will I have, do I have all the information I need for the office, are all of my materials ready to go, what if I forget something and my favorite, what are my students going to be like?  The first day is a nervous day for the students as they wonder about their teachers and classmates.  Are they going to have class with any friends, what are their teachers going to be like and will I like my classes?  In addition, most junior high students don’t want to do anything to be embarrassed.

Today was my first day and all-in-all things went pretty well. We had a minor glitch this morning trying to get our count right, but other than that, pretty good.  It is a daunting task to get over 700 students to the right place and have all of the materials they need, but it gets done each year.  Thanks to a lot of effort during the summer.

So now all I have to do is teach the kiddos all about a subject most of them do not like.  That is the challenge of teaching, especially in the era of advancing technology.  I feel pretty good about what we did today, hope it continues.  I was going to go home and look over my notes for tomorrow, which I will still do, but I think I will add a two mile run to my list and an adult beverage by the pool.  Until tomorrow, happy schooling.

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