I Am No Longer Stuck in OKC! HOME SWEET HOME!

CamperI am camping with my wife and six year old. That was the I original plan, however, we were only supposed to camp for 2 nights and be home Wednesday. Well . . . things can change. You see we purchased a gorgeous 28 foot camper from my cousin in Illinois. He gave me such a good deal that the trip was well worth it. I drove my truck to Houston for some work to be done on it by my father-in-law who gives me such a great deal that it makes it worth it to drive down there, so we did. I flew back down and we left Houston headed for Lena, Illinois and arrived on Saturday. Hooked up trailer and headed Southwest on Monday and that is where the trouble started.
Arrived at our goal destination of Wallace Park in Missouri, some 400 miles away. Our hope was to to do 400 miles for three days which would get us home on Wednesday. Well, I unscrewed the crank so high that I broke it and meant another day in Missouri, which wasn’t bad. The park was wonderful and we made the most of it. The real trouble started Wednesday when I heard a screaming noise coming from my truck. We barely made it to Oklahoma City and found an RV park in the “hood”, but hey, it works.
Found a mechanic to look at my truck and that is where things got a little, shall we say, challenging. At first he said the left wheel bearing was going out: it was. He replaced that and I drove on my way only to hear the same noise that has now alternation between a scream and the sound of loose marbles rolling around in a metal box. Took it back and he said, “Well let’s take a look” yes let’s. Now it was the carrier bearing which needed replacing so I said go ahead and replace it. This is now Thursday at 4:00 pm and I am hoping will get it finished so I can get on the road that evening and get home so I can make my first day of work on Friday. At 5:00 pm I am informed no one has the part and it will the next morning until we can get the part and get me on my way. Okay, I need a ride home, which I get and I wait for the phone call that was supposed to come at 8:30 but which didn’t come until, well wait, it never came, I called him. ”We are working on it” is what I am told. I get a call back at 11:00 am telling me that fix didn’t fix it either and now we think it is the transfer case. He will find one. In the meantime I find one online and find out these things are $1,000 bucks on the bottom and by the time I get it installed it may be closer to $2,000. Did I mention I got a good deal on the camper????
I decided to call my father-in-law who told me to tell him to ^%$%$#@#@#@ and will come and get the truck and trailer. Now is this a great guy or what? He had offered to do it the day before, but I thought I could get it fixed. So he is leaving tonight at 7:00 pm to come here in OKC and bringing a trailer that will have his truck on the back of it. The plan is to hook up the trailer with my truck on it and take my truck back to Houston where it can get the tender loving care it needs and we are going to hook up the camper to my mother-in-laws truck and take it back to Midland. Doesn’t this sound fun? Did I mention the camper is a 6000 pound 28 foot camper? I hope we all make it.
In the meantime I have been spending some quality time with my wife (who is not too sure she likes me anymore) and my daughter (who is positive she doesn’t like ) in this resplendent trailer. The camper is great! However, being parked on a concrete slab two feet away from others is not my idea of camping. I hope we make it home tomorrow, if we do you will be the first to know, in the meantime I am soaking up these concrete reflected rays, pass the sunscreen and 3.2 beer.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Well we made it home on Saturday at around 7:00 pm thanks to my father-in-law, Tommy Henderson, who is my new hero.  Check this out: he found a trailer to haul my truck and hooked it up to his truck.  He loaded my mother-in-laws truck on the trailer and drove the 400 plus miles, overnight, to Oklahoma City.  He arrived at 8:00 am where he was greeted by a very giddy RV’er, ME.  He then unloaded my mother-in-law’s truck, loaded my truck onto the trailer and helped me hook up the camper to the newly arrived truck and proceeded to drive back home, arriving around 6:00 pm.  Now is that a hero or what?

I might very well still be in Okie City if not for Tommy.  What a week!  Lessons learned were many, but the big one is be prepared and always have sunscreen, you never know when you might be stuck in Southeast Oklahoma City at an RV park that is less than spectacular with only an RV pad to relax.  Thanks Tommy and by the way, I prefer coconut sunscreen.

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