Man, I’m Tired!













It feels as if I have run a marathon today. Getting back into teaching is tough, even if you are in relatively good shape. I was exhausted by 5th period today. I got to thinking why I am so tired, I mean I am not digging a ditch, I’m “just” teaching. “Just teaching” huh? Well as I think about it I have a better idea why I’m tired, here it is:

  • Prepare 3 lessons a day
  • Collect hundreds, if not thousands of forms
  • Prepare meeting
  • Lead meeting
  • Correct students in hallway
  • Correct students in classroom
  • Monitor behavior EVERYWHERE
  • Speak for 6 hours (on two of the days this week)
  • Grade 20 papers
  • Prepare 3 powerpoints
  • Prepare letters to send home
  • Read all forms that are returned to me
  • Update website(s)
  • Create content for website
  • Plan for next week
  • Make sure all picture packet instructions are handed out properly
  • Counseled new teacher who is thinking of, well, they are not happy
  • Cook dinner (I cook a lot)
  • Run 10 miles
  • Clean pool
  • And . . . . be a dad, husband, youth pastor and friend . . . and that is just four days in one week!

It is clear now why I am tired. Here is to next week!

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