Europe or Texas History?










I had a meeting with a parent today.  She had emailed me and told me she wanted to visit with me about an “opportunity” her child had and wanted to talk with me.  I assumed (wrongly) that this included me doing something I didn’t have time to do. I was wrong.

She told me her family had won a trip to Europe and she wanted to take her child and did I think it would be okay for him to miss two weeks of school in order to go.  I said, “Are you kidding, YES”!  He can sit in my classroom reading about history, or go and see history.  This is a no brainer in mind.  Old Europe, places like: Munich, Prague, Vienna and Zurick.  Heck if he can’t go I will.

It got me to thinking that sometimes we get our priorities out of whack in education.  How many times will this young student and their mother get a chance to do something so great together?  And to go to such a place that is history.  Their trip will also include a trip to Auschwitz in Poland.  I have been there and that in itself is worth the trip.  So I say to you parents and educators: education doesn’t always happen in the classroom, sometimes in never does, but the best education is that we experience.

Oh yeah, and then I had another meeting, which, of course, is the most important part of education.  Let me remove my tongue from my cheek.  Until tomorrow, peace.

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