Finally Friday!








I don’t know why I feeled so drained after a week with 13 and 14 year olds.  Well it could be that:

  • I am constantly being asked the same question 200 times in the same class
  • Or maybe it could be the 10 lessons I need to prepare for my classes
  • Or the 500 papers I grade on a weekly basis
  • Or it could be the endless meetings I attend (one meeting and I am not making this up, was to plan for the next meeting)
  • Or perhaps the discipline I have to hand out daily because that child’s parent will not or cannot do it themselves
  • Or it could be the fact I am always unjamming a ten year copy machine, but there is new furniture in the offices
  • Or the fact that I am covering classes of other teachers who do not get subs or it could be the fact I talk much of the day
  • Or maybe because I get 30 minutes to scarf down lunch in a teachers “lounge” that may have more fungus than a mushroom farm.

Yeah, I know why I am so tired now.

Teachers make too much?  Shut up!

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