My First Meeting – Sort Of

meetingsdemotivatorWell today we started our second week, albeit a short one due to Labor Day.  Today was also picture day and that pretty well ate up the day.  However, we did to take care of some administrative tasks and I introduced what I call Current Events.  I have the kids watch a website that creates a newscast everyday,, and then fill out a form I have created.  They do one each Monday, so it was good to get that out of the way. Tomorrow we get going earnest with exploration.

But before that I am off to another training on IFV’s or Intentional Focus Visits.  These are short observations in the classroom and the training is, I presume, to teach how to use the new forms since I have been to four of these before.  I really don’t like these meetings very much.  After the meeting it is off to fix some plumbing and then three miles to run.  See you tomorrow.

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