Six Year Old Drama











Some days it is difficult to be a teacher. Some days it is difficult to be a parent.  Then there are those days where it is especially hard to be both.  Today was one of those days.  I have a six year old little girl who is truly the apple of my eye. She is beautiful little blonde headed girl who loves her daddy (mommy too), God, every animal and everyone else I know.  So today came as quite a surprise.

I knew there was problem when Melissa (my wife) came into my room at school with that look on her face that says something is wrong.  Not the “someone has died” look, but the look that says something has happened and you are not going to like it.  I ran down my list of possibilities:

  • Car Wreck
  • A mistake she made in the checkbook that was HUGE
  • Kid needs something I don’t want to provide
  • Kids need money
  • You forgot to pay the water bill and we need a shower

Alas, it was none of these and never in a million years would have I guessed the problem.  I relented and said in my kindest voice, “WHAT”????   It seems as if my sweet little girl was spending the day in the principals office.  I could hardly believe my ears.  Tori, the six-year old, does not like trouble at school.  So this was a shock.  What could have she done?  When I was told she threatened a child the day before on the playground with bodily injury with a weapon, well I was surprised.

At that moment every possible emotion a parent could feel came to the fore.  What did I do wrong?  Can dads visit in a women’s prison?  Will I lose my TCTA membership?  I mean how can a daughter of a teacher do such a thing?  I was mortified.  By both my daughter’s behavior and my reputation as a teacher.  Can any good parent and teacher have a juvenile delinquent who is only six?  I spent the day in shame and worry.

I went to pick up my little angel and she was playing it cool.  I asked about her day and she said it was great.  She actually thought she could get away with it.  Youth!  Her tune changed when I let her in on the secret that daddy knew that she is a soon-to-be convicted felon.  Tears and fears (good group) flowed and finally she fessed up to her evil deed.  After an intense investigation I discovered the two main culprits: siblings and TV.  Dang Disney channel!

Her brother was interrogated and found to be guilty enough for me and then some show called, “Jessie” on Disney were found to be the issue.  So I have rid the house of Disney, but have been unsuccessful thus far of ridding the house of her siblings (much as I try).  I have to say that I was a little fearful that I would have to go the principals office and answer for my daughter.  It made me think about my students.  A little kinder and gentler approach is sometimes a good thing.

Well, she is home and we have dressed her in prison stripes and pumped her full of Veggie Tales tonight. I can’t remember praying this much with any of my children and we spent a lot of time talking about John 4, oh how fearful I am.  She is now tucked away and looks like the angel I picture her as and hope her to be.  I think each parent thought this about their own at one time, something to think about for we teachers.  Sweet dreams jailbird, er, I mean angel.  Daddy loves you.


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