Teaching While My Wife is on an Airplane Above Texas – Hurry Home!

Technology and IndustryMy wife has been out of town week, which is why teaching, administrating and parenting has been tough.  If you are a single parent, how do you do it?  I got very little work done this week, at least at school, and I missed a run without my lovely bride with me.  I have four lovely children,, 20, 19, 15 and 6.  The six year old is, well let’s just say, “needy”.  The older two are fairly self-sufficient and the 15 year is close, but he needs rides to work and needs to be picked up from work.  I am tired.  Luckily, Melissa arrived home last night at 10:30 pm.  I was glad to see her for many reasons, but if I am telling the truth, I was most happy to see her because I needed some help.

Of course blogging has proven difficult under these circumstances.  So I haven’t blogged much.  But I will say this has been a great week in school.  Texas has mandated that we teach the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence during the week of September 17.  Of course, that day is the day the Constitution was officially signed, hence Freedom Week.  I have been teaching the kids about the basics and it has been quite a successful week.  The kids especially like the parts where we talk about their rights found in the Bill of Rights.  Pretty interesting stuff, more later on that if things continue in such a positive way.

So I had to be dad and mom all week.  If you are a single parent, God Bless you!  I don’t how you do it, alone day after day with no help.  I am so thankful to have a partner, for many reason, but to help raise our kids.  God knew what he was doing when he called on two to do the parenting job.

Well Melissa is back and hopefully I can back to blogging and getting more done than just, well, surviving.  Picked her up in a crowd of folks, it seemed that everyone was at the airport at the same time.  Drove back to the house and we were both sleeping 15 minutes after we hit the door.  Airplanes make travel so much easier.  I mean Melissa was able to travel after school and before school so she didn’t have to miss extra days of school.  Pretty cool.  Hope your world is full of the love of family and friends, it is always good to see my wife, but especially after she has been away.  I am blessed to call her my wife, I sure do love her, especially at bath time for Tori.  Until tomorrow, peace.

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