Week Two is Done and Hello Houston!

Denver BroncosSecond week is done and this week seemed much longer than last week, even though it was only four days long.  Why is that?  The weeks where we have Mondays off seem so much longer.  But we made it through, even though we had many meetings and concerns.  Not much to report today, save for I am heading for Houston.

My truck is in Conroe, just North of Houston.  It has been getting some tender loving care due to a very rough summer.  I hope we will be able to return on Saturday, at least that is the plan, however, I am dubious.  Seems that when timeline are given they are rarely met, but I am hopeful.  We are flying down tonight after school and having dinner with my in-laws and on the road Saturday.

Big night on Sunday as my favorite team, the Denver Broncos, kick off the season.  I am a huge fan and use the football season often in my class to begin discussion and make points.  I try to do that with all of the things I find interesting in my life.  I bring them into the classroom and use them to make connections.  I hope to make a connection on Monday that includes much hooping and yelling after the Broncos win.  Until Monday, peace.

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