Why Is Teaching So Full of Meetings?

BoringMeetingI am going to complain again today, sorry.  Yesterday it was my 7th graders who were under my skin, today it is this meeting I have to attend.  I have already complained about meetings on this blog once this year and I am only in the fifth week.  Last week I attended five school meetings.  Why?  Because I have to attend these meetings or have to hold these meetings. Why?  Because “someone” says I have to.  Why?  I am convinced that many without the daily demands of a school and classroom need to feel, well needed.

I am attending a meeting today that I am so wanting to avoid.  Without mention names or the name of the meeting, let me just say that I will gain nothing, I will only have more to do heaped on my plate.  Now I know many of you read this and say, “Poor little teacher afraid of work” and you couldn’t be further from the truth.  I am not afraid of the work and I can hear some of you saying, “Heck, you get the summer off” and you would be right.  But here me out on why these meetings are a scourge.

Yes, I can go to many meetings and I can have more work from these meetings piled upon me.  I will have to make more spreadsheets, write more reports, hold more of my own meetings, write more emails and more phone calls.  But here is the kicker, none of these things I am asked to do will contribute directly to my classroom.  I am going to have find time to do these things and since time is finite, the time will come from somewhere.  Where do you think it will come from?  The time I could be:

  • reading material,
  • creating awesome new lessons,
  • learning technology,
  • building relationships with the kids,
  • attending a webinar that REALLY helps IN the CLASSROOM,
  • grading papers and giving feedback,
  • calling parents to tell them how wonderful their student is,
  • call a parent to help them help their child, holding tutorials,
  • or?

Do you get the picture.  I need to be fully engaged in MY classroom and with my students.  Now to be fair, I am a department chairmen and need information for my teachers.  But couldn’t that be dispersed in an email? A conference call?  A video?  A web conference? Or anything else related to the 21st century?

We educators need to find ways to use our time better and to respect the time of those we call students and colleagues.  My thoughts on meetings, aargh.  What do you think?  Until tomorrow, peace.

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