Your Mom Said What?






Yesterday we had a special class that dealt with 9-11.  I thought it was a good thing to since it was the 11th anniversary of that awful day.  I gave a talk and then showed pictures and videos from that morning.  Well, some of my parents were not happy.  I talked with one, but heard about others through my students.  Here is what it sounded like.

I asked if anyone had talked with their parents about our day on 9-11.  Most all raised their hands and most told me their parents spent time with them talking about their own memories and how they felt that day.  That was nice.  And then . . . I had one student raise her hand and say, “My mom was pissed that you showed us the videos”.  My jaw must have dropped and the color must have drained from face because the young lady’s disposition changed as well.  I asked why she was angry.  The young student told me her mom thought it was to hard for them to watch and would be calling my principal to see if I could be, um, corrected.

Well bring it on baby!  This happened in all classes in different degrees.  But my favorite one was during the last class of the day.  I had one young lady tell me her mom also disagreed and when I asked why my student said, “My mom thinks it will just bring up old feelings and that we should just forget about it because it is too upsetting, especially for us”.  Excuse while I throw up in my mouth.  Just forget about it?  You have got to be kidding me!  Well, I was ready to throw in the towel and give in to ignorance when my sweet, quiet little student added, “But Mr. Freese I told her, no way mom, if we don’t learn from what has happened in the past, then how can we ever correct our actions in the future”.  I wanted to kiss her!  I couldn’t have said it better myself and she added, “I told my mom you are wrong, Mr. Freese is right and you should listen to him sometime”.  Oh yeah!

I think I will retire now!  See you tomorrow.

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