Happy Birthday . . . to ME!


Today was my birthday and I did something that I recommend to all.  Take the day off!  Why not?  How many “Birthdays” are you going to have?  If we are lucky maybe, 80?  Why not make each day special.  I played a little golf with a friend from work.  It was great and and added bonus: I came back to work in a great mood.  If you have been reading my posts lately, you may have thought I needed a day off.

I spend several hours at the course, came home and relaxed and then went out to dinner with my family.  Now if that isn’t a great day I don’t know what is.  If we take ourselves so seriously that we can never take a day off, then what is the point?  I think we do get too serious and don’t have enough time for fun.  I had planned it so my kids at school would be doing exactly what they would have had I been there, so the day was productive.

How did I shoot? 90. Not very good for me, but it sure was fun.  Tomorrow I will get back at the serious work of teaching, but for today, fun and sun.  Have a great Friday, until next time, peace.

p.s. I got George Strait tickets and Ray Bans, oh yeah!

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