Happy Columbus Day

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Today is Columbus day, one that we don’t celebrate anymore.  By the way, Columbus spotted land on the 11th of October and hit land on the 12th.  So I was surprised when I saw on the school calendar that we had the day off.  But upon further inspection I noticed the kids had the day off and the staff had a PD day.  Or Professional Development which means training which wouldn’t be bad if we did something worth while.  Most of our training sessions are not very good.  But we still have to attend these things.

Today I woke up not feeling so good and was thrilled.  I realized I didn’t have to go our training.  Imagine that, I was glad to be sick so I could miss school, sound like a student .  I would have gladly went to school had I been teaching, but to sit and hear the presenter read their powerpoint was not an exciting idea to me.  So I stayed home and got tons of planning done and reorganized my desk and computer.  And I found out that the training was the exact training I have already done.  Really?

I love going to things that stimulate me and teach me something new and that I can use in my classroom without treating me like a 10 year old.  The workshop I attended with Texas Humanities was great!  Why can’t we have these types of events put on by our own district?  Maybe next time the district should save their dollars and give everyone the day off, teachers included.  Or better yet, have the teachers work, but do so in their rooms creating lessons and reading.  Doesn’t that make more sense?  Your two cents would be appreciated!  Until tomorrow, peace.

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