I Love Teaching, But . . .

Bad Schools

Let me start by saying that I love teaching.  Most days the young people I teach are agreeable, teachable and even likable.  I know it is hard to believe that a 12, 13 or 14 year old can be likable, but they are.  At least the students I interact with each day.  I like how they are naive about so much and malleable about much of their lives.  It is a big responsibility to teach them in a fair way and encourage them to be learners themselves.  If I tell them what to think I have done them a disservice.  But if I lead them and allow them to discover for themselves, then they get to own their learning.

What a shame that so much of this is being robbed by those who no nothing of teaching.  We have had so many stick their noses into education that the purpose for which it was intended has become so obfuscated by agendas and attempts to appease all that they have destroyed the system.

Take this as an example.  I have the responsibility of sitting in the hallway and monitoring the students.  We have several rules that I won’t bore you with.  This morning I asked a student to head back downstairs because they didn’t have a pass that allowed them to be upstairs.  I was told to mind my own business, by a 14 year old.  I persisted (imagine me persisting) and “firmly” told this young man to get downstairs.  He told me, and I quote, “F— Off” and proceeded to do as he pleased.  Normally this would result in a placement in our detention program or worse.

Because this student, who has “issues” has been given special allowances, nothing did or will happen.  Imagine that, a 14 year old can tell a 48 year old to, well you know, and get away with it.  He was seen walking the halls today smiling away and I suspect laughing on the inside.  I was told my an person in authority, “There is nothing I can do, we will just have to pass him on to next year”.  Never mind he fails everything.  American Education today.

Do you see why our best people leave the classroom and education altogether?  Do you see why we are rapidly becoming also rans in the world.  A once proud American educational system was the envy of the world, is now nothing more than an old clunker that despeartely needs to be retired.  But with all the hands in the pot, we can’t seem to put her down.

What if we held our kids accountable and failed those that didn’t meet the standard?  What if we held our students responsible for their behavior and gave them swift and appropriate consequences for their actions? What if you demanded respect for all?  What if we were no longer afraid of the parent who sues?  What if we no longer tolerated anything but the best from our school districts and quit giving lip service to the media?  What if we demanded the politicians kept their hands off education?

I think things would get better.  In the meantime we struggle and allow our schools and society to fall deeper into despair.  If the man had told me that on the street justice would been served.  Imagine if he told this to someone who doesn’t have artificial restraints on them?  I am trying to make a difference, but on days like this, I ask, “What for”.  Until next time, peace.  And leave your comments please!

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