Elections Have Consequences


Well America and Midland voted yesterday.  My guy and cause both lost.  Now we will see how smart the majority is.  I suspect we will not be as happy with our choices as we are today.  Mr. Obama was relected with unprecedented high unemployment and a low GDP.  Gas prices are dropping, but still almost twice as much as they were when he took office in 2009.  Food stamp assistance is at an all time high and our national debt is 16 trillon dollars.  Do you think anyone noticed these things?  Or did the vast majority of Americans bother to find out?  I don’t know the answer, but have to believe people voted on how they “felt” and not on any reliable reseach.  Now we go forward and hope for the best.  President Obama said elections have consquences and went on to pass his programs with little or no bipartisan support.  Will it be different these next four years?  I pray yes.

On the local front, Midland voters passed a record bond of 163 milliion dollars for new buidings, upgrades and technology.  Will it be worth it?  Time will only tell.  We will have nice new buildings and some cool technology which was badly needed.  But will these make better students?  I think we will still have the same problems we have now.  I hope we are able to attract high quality teachers and allow them to be creative and energetic in their classrooms without micromanaging them from above.  I hope new teachers can afford to live in Midland. Dr. Warren is excited about this bond passing, now the difficult part is at hand.  Building buildings is easy, building students is much more difficult.

Until next time, peace.

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