. . . I didn’t really quit!


Last week I signed off for the week with to little words: I quit!  I felt like it last week for sure.  However, I am not quitting my job as a teacher (although many days I would sure love to), but I am quitting the urge to say the things that make people feel okay, but gloss over the situation.  I am going to say what needs to be said so we can do what needs to be done.

Here is what I mean.  Last week I had a couple of parents call and complain about things I said in class.  Without going into details, they accused me of some pretty awful things.  Why?  Because their children told them I said something, which I did, but out of context and the parents were offended.  By the way, when did we start getting so offended so easy (I am including myself here)?  And why didn’t the parent call me?  I would have told them exactly what I said and in what context I said it.

I was asked about these comments by my administrators and told them exactly what I thought about them (which is not appropriate for this blog) and left.  In retrospect I could have handled myself much better, but my words were true (at least the ones I can use on a blog).  I don’t understand how folks so easily believe a 13 year old and assume they got the story correct and then make my life more difficult.  In my day the teacher was right even if they were wrong.  Now I am not suggesting that we allow teachers to act inappropriately, but I do think we need to be treated with respect and at least get the benefit of the doubt.

But I quit. I quit being the one who is blamed for all of the problems a child has.  I quit biting my tongue because the truth might be hard to hear. I quit feeling as if I am the only one who cares.  And I quit feeling guilty about not being able to “do enough” to fix the problems in the this world.  Someone told me last week that teachers teach for the money.  After I was revived I pointed out the vast majority teach because they feel called to it.  Make me the villain an we make our kids the victims.  Let’s do what we need to get our kids educated!  Until next time, peace.

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