Ipads and the Classroom


This week I used our new mobile Ipad cart and had mixed success.  I think the kids like the idea of using Ipads and had more fun playing with them than actually using them effectively.  I love my personal Ipad and use it for many things, but it has many more used than our school’s Ipads.

I will say this though, I have never seen my kids so intense and QUIET without taking a test.  For much of the period they were engaged in the assignment and doing the research.  I gave each student a person from history and an event to research to present to the whole class on Friday.  We wanted to use the Ipads to take notes, but without a way to email or use the cloud, it makes that difficult.  I need to do more research on the best way to use them.

I think too, if I prepared something specific on my own website and had them start there, it might be more effective.  I must say though, that they read more than I can remember them EVER reading and actually enjoying it.  I will keep you posted, I intend to use them often.  If you have any ideas leave them below. Until next time, peace.

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