Know When It’s Time!


During the last week of the grading period will tell you all you need to know about a teacher.  It will tell you about your kids teacher, your teacher or you as a teacher.  This is when crunch time is on, when you look at your grades and decide how you will help your kids or say, “It’s too late” and quit tutorials early in the week so can get your grades done early.  You may be done and ready to go, but have you done what you should do? Have you serviced your customers well?  Have you done your best to help?

I am not going to name names, but I have dealt with all kinds of teachers in my life and have seen the best ones are the ones who are trying to help those kids pass at the 11th hour. They complain about the students not being responsible and trying to cram in the last minute, but if they were adults then we wouldn’t have to “teach” them about life.  After all, it is our job to train them and act like the adults.

When you as a teacher tell your kids you have “No time” this last week I have to question your motives for teaching. And please put grades in the gradebook regularly and often.  How can your students know where they need to go when they don’t have a road map. Maybe you should rethink your career choice.  Kids want to pass and you turn them down?  I love the teacher who is grading papers, making phone calls and complaining the whole time, but trying to help their students.

Teaching can really suck some days!  Paperwork, administrators who know nothing, meetings, C-Scope, but the reason most of us teach is to influence students.  The day I forget that may be the day I hang it up. I have thought about it often, but as long as I’m teaching I need to be the kid’s advocate, hard some days.  Some days it is impossible, but some days it is a pure joy.  Just my thoughts, what are yours? Peace.

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