Telephone Addiction


I have a class that we call advisory.  In this advisory class we allow our students to use their phones to check on their grades and look up words in the dictionary.  While I don’t mind the use of phones for academic purposes, I do loathe them when they become a way of life.

Example? I took a students phone after I had repeatedly asked him to put it away and read a book.  You would have thought I asked for his leg or arm.  He told me he can’t function without it.  I think he was telling the truth.  I think he CAN’T function without it.  And  don’t think he is alone.  How many in our society cannot function without our smartphones or Ipads?  I too used to have trouble leaving home without my phone, but now I purposely leave home without it just to cut the cord.

I am becoming increasingly alarmed at the dependence my students have on technology.  I too love the age we live in and the great things we can do with it, but it is tool, nothing more and nothing less. I see my students so addicted to it they are almost paralyzed without it.  I think we need to unplug every now and then.  Even the Ipad that I love, I leave at home along with my phone and read a regular book.

The idea of always being available is not a good thing, it causes us to be used by the technology and thus become dependent upon it.  That is a form of addiction.  I know the technology revolution is here to stay, but at what cost.  Have you seen people “dining together” and are on the phone or the person walking down the street who is so engrossed in his text messaging that he puts himself in physical jeopardy?

Use your technology, don’t let it use or own you.  Until next time, peace.

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