Thank God it’s Friday


Haven’t blogged this week because I have been so busy it has been almost impossible to find a spare minute, but I am still here, even after all of this:

  • Have had several meetings this week.
  • A few kid events.
  • Halloween with my six year old.
  • Four school meetings.
  • Two church meetings.
  • Date Night.
  • 1000 papers graded.
  • Ten lessons planned.
  •  Two books read.
  • No movies watched.
  •  Five TV shows watched.
  •  Many prayers prayed.
  • Countless sighs.
  • Five IFV’s.
  • Many hopes hoped.
  • A few dreams dashed.
  • Way too many bills paid.
  • Two cars washed.
  • One Dog  petted.
  • Kids tucked in to bed.
  • One newspaper interview.
  •  One debate moderated.
  • One department chair meeting.
  •  One tank filled. One letter written.
  • Ten phone calls made.
  • And through it all, many lives touched.

To teach is to change lives, may I never forget that and if I do, may I move on to something else.  Until next time, peace.

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