Why I Teach!

If you ever wonder why you put up with all of the trials and tribulations of being a school teacher, then this email tells you why.  I was so blessed to receive this email from a young man I coached years ago.  Made my year!

Hey Coach,

How is it going? The other day when I saw you at West Lake the other day it brought back all those memories of SJ and the way you helped me stick with football and push my self to get better at the things I love to do. Over the years you have been a great inspiration to me to keep on going and not give up on my life. I wanted to thank you for all the things you have helped me push through just by being a great role model to me. I dont know if you have heard about all my powerlifting accomplishments over the past two years from barely being able to bench the bar my 7th grade year to being able to put up 225 my junior year and getting stronger. Right now I’m in a little pickle on what I’m going to do after this year is over. And I was wondering if we could have lunch or something some time to see if you could help me make that decision on what will be the better decision. Thanks again Coach.


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