Don’t Be Despicable – Newtown Doesn’t Need it!


I was deeply saddened by the shooting last Friday as were all Americans and many across the world.  How could something so horrific happen in our country, in that idyllic little community and why?  We can try to explain it, but our explanations would do nothing to help those who were profoundly and directly affected by this horror.  But that is exactly what is happening.

Our politicians are using this event to score political points, namely with gun control.  Let me say up front I own guns, not a shock for a Texan.  I am a proponent of the second amendment and all the others for that matter. We have already weakened the second amendment.  I have strong feelings and I am the among the first to step up in the debate . . but now?

Don’t be despicable and sully the event by blaming this on gun control.  Don’t you dare cheapen the lives of those beautiful little children by trying to get political points.  Don’t you dare try to advance your career on the lives on those little angels who died such a terrifying death.  Don’t do it, don’t be despicable!

I heard Governor Huckaby on the radio talk about God being removed from school, he surmised no wonder this happens. Actually I heard someone say he said that, he didn’t.  But people like him and me are attacked because of our faith, so be it. There are many who dress up the devil in a red suit with a pitchfork and scoff at the idea of evil in the world. But nothing else can explain how a man can do what that despicable man did on Friday.  What else could explain it?  Mental illness?  Millions have mental illness and don’t do what this man did.  Autism?  Millions have autism and don’t do what this man did.  Violent video games?  Millions play these games and don’t do what this man did.  Guns? Millions own guns and don’t do what this man did.  What then?  Evil!

You can scoff at me and you can make fun of my faith, but I know you can’t offer any reason how this can happen. I can’t fully explain it either, this is not my intention here.  But I can tell you the root cause behind so much of the heartache in the world: evil. There is pure evil in this world that manifests itself and many ways: adultery, murder, lying, cheating, stealing, attacks on the young both sexually and physically and sometimes horrifically so.  You can’t explain it to me, but you scoff at my explanation and want to put a band aid over a deep issue.

Tocquevil visited American almost two hundred years ago and said America is a good country because America’s people are good, he sites their religious beliefs as did Washington in his farewell address.  Can it be we have drifted far afield of our roots?  You may scoff, but can you argue America is violent?  Full of anger and distress?  What is the reason?  I come to it from a Christian worldview.  There is sin and evil in the world.  The only answer is the love of Christ.  Disagree if you want, but how many Bible believing Christians commit these shootings?

I bring this up because the only explanation is, that there can be no logical reason.  Evil exists simply to do evil and what could be more evil than what we saw in Newtown? During this season of Advent as we prepare for the coming of the Christ child, be thankful God provided an answer to evil.  I encourage you to think about this in light of what happened. But please don’t be despicable and blame this on a political issue, it makes me sick.  Do the right thing!  Until next time, peace.

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