Merry Christmas To You!

Web Christmas PictureDear Friends and Family,

I am writing this the weekend I heard about the shootings inConnecticutso am writing with a heavy heart.  I have not been as affected by anything since 9-11.  The evil with which this man acted is beyond my ability to comprehend.  I have been talking with my students at church and at school about the events of the weekend and to my surprise, they are all deeply troubled by this horrific event.  Not to say they aren’t capable of feeling and thinking, but at the level we have been discussing has indeed surprised me.

So I write this even more thankful we have a Savior who is Christ and I pray all would know Him even more this Christmas season.  So onto the annual letter which I know so many of you set your calendars by so as not to miss our musings of the past year, so with no further adieu here we go.

This past year saw much loss in our family.  It started in June with the loss of our 12 year old German Shepherd,Arizona.  I have never had to put a dog down before, but I did on a very hot day in June.  She was feeling poorly and one day just fell down and got up once more before I took her to the vet.  He told me there wasn’t much he could do, but would try to do whatever I wanted.  I decided to end her suffering and put her down.  Hardest thing I ever had to do.  We miss her every day.

Missy lost her beloved Granny the next week.  She was very close to her granny so this hit very hard as you can imagine.  Later in the year we lost her grandfather as well.  I told Melissa she spent more time inHoustonthan she did inMidlandand I was close to being correct for the summer.

Missy and I did manage to do some traveling this summer, quite a bit actually.  Todd Jr. works for the airlines and mom and dad went a few places this year.  We went to see my grandma twice inIllinois, first for fun and the second time to pick up the camper we bought from my cousin.  We decided to buy a 30 foot tow behind that is very nice.   But we had to pick it up and drive it back toTexas.  The trip home was quite eventful.  Truck had some issues and we were stranded inOklahoma Cityfor a week, but finally got everything fixed and we have enjoyed it a few times since this summer.

Todd Jr. took a semester off and will be attending UTPB here at home.  He is thinking he wants to coach basketball and teach, I am trying to talk him out of it, but so far no luck.  He is seeing his girlfriend quite a bit since she moved toDenver.  He flies her out every other weekend, we see her more now than we did when she lived here.  As I write Todd is inChicagofor training.  His first time away from home and I think he is loving it.  Seems to be navigating the L pretty well inChicago.  He is a young man now and I love how our relationship is changing, I am very proud of who he is becoming.

Taylorswitched jobs this summer and is working for Texas Roadhouse like TK, in fact TK got her the job, which made TK pretty proud.  She is doing very well and making the most money in her life, she is a server.  She is going to school and doing great.  Her boyfriend, Jeremy, is a constant companion, but we sure enjoy having him around.  She is still deciding on what she wants to do when she grows up, but she is doing very well.  She is a young woman and I can’t wait to see who she becomes.  I am very proud of her.

TK is working at Texas Roadhouse and doing very well in school.  He is huge, he has grown into quite a large young man.  Bigger than Todd and much bigger than me for sure.  He and Todd Jr. play basketball at our gym at the school where Melissa and I teach most every Saturday.  He is slugging through school and doing pretty darn well.  He is very active at our church, as are all of our kids.  He will be driving soon and I am looking forward to teaching him.  He is evolving into a very kind and loving young man, I am very proud of how hard he works and who he is!

And then there is Tori who loves to see her Daddy each day and doesn’t ask for money, which makes her my favorite child.  I know, I know, you are not supposed to have a favorite, and I don’t, but I like how she treats me, she actually thinks I am cool, unlike the other ones.  She is very active at church and is starting to read and according to her, is a math expert.  She still believes in Santa, so Christmas is still a little interesting.  Everybody at school is her best friend and she thinks her teacher is pretty smart and feels safe at school, which is why she will never find out aboutConnecticut.  She reminds me why being a dad is the best job in the world!

Missy and I are teaching atSan JacintoJunior High Schooland trying to “make a difference” every day.  Some days are tougher than others, but most days we enjoy it.  However, we are facing a different student these days.  So much to compete with these days, Xbox, Phones and of course, the opposite sex, tough to interest them in numbers and history.  But we teach and preach each day.  My good friend told me the other day (he is also a teacher) that we affect lives forever and we will live in the lives of our students their whole lives.  Pretty sobering and awesome!

We pray you and yours have the merriest of Christmases and a great 2013.  Melissa and I have ventured into podcasting and blogging.  Check them out if you get time, it is all free and we love doing it.  You can listen to Missy and me at: and to me at and read my blog at

May God richly bless you and may you know the love of the our Savior this season and all year long.  Peace.

The Texas’ Freese’s

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