Santa Pals Prep


We do a really cool thing at San Jacinto where I teach school.  We adopt several, this year 42, students who are disadvantaged, in other words may not have much of a Christmas.  Each class gets one of these little Pre K kiddos and throw a party for them, complete with presents and all.  It has been a wonderful thing each year we have done it, makes you feel good about being alive.

Last night my class met and we purchased the gifts.  My class got two kids at the last minute and we only had enough money for one student, but we stepped it up and did what we could.  The kids picked out a lot of great presents, but when we got to the checkout counter we were a little short, about $125 short.  I was prepared to “suck it up” and pay the extra, but my principal and two parents gave the rest with huge smiles and big hearts.  Now that is cool!

Today is our party, I will post photos later.  Can’t wait to see how the kids react to our gifts and food.  Now this is fun.  Until later, peace.

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