You Said What???


My blog, my first amendment right, my life.  What kind of dumb do you have to be to work in some jobs?  Is the main purpose of your existence to make my life more difficult?  I am convinced there are some who take pleasure in the pain of others. I don’t understand it, I don’t like it and I don’t ever want to be in that place.  What am I talking about?  My school district, specifically the bus barn.

I have trouble with these folks over the years, it seems that there is a bubble that surrounds the place where you can be rude and incompetent and have no consequences.  Example?  I have a son that has caught the bus for the entire year (after we fixed it, read about the first problem here) from one location that takes him to his high school.  He is only a sophmore and 15, so he doesn’t yet drive.  Yesterday his regular bus driver was gone with a family emergency.  The substitute bus driver didn’t show up, so another bus took him to school.  I understand this could happen, new bus driver doesn’t know the route.  We had our assistant principal call and get him another bus.

This morning, same thing.  I called the bus barn and was told that there is no bus that would take my son to his school.  I assured her there was and he had been riding it all year.  She told me no there wasn’t, after doing this for a while, I gave up on using logic and said, “Why would there be no bus that takes him?”  She told me that bus stop is inside the two mile zone of coverage.  I said, “Perhaps, but my house is three miles from the school.”  Evidently it makes no difference how far the child lives from the school, only how far their bus stops are away from the school.  Once again, using logic, I said well what if he went of another bus stop that was further than two miles away, oh yes that would work.  What?

So let me get this straight, even though he has ridden the bus to school every day, you assure me no bus was available, and if we took him to a bus stop outside the two mile zone you would have to take him to his school, yes you got it she told me. I give up.  I have sat through many meetings where we are trying to figure out how to encourage a kid to go to school.  We have spent money on campaigns to get kids to go to school and graduate.  But yet, my son who wants to go to school can’t get a bus because you made the stop inside the two mile zone, even though we live outside the two mile zone?  Yes you got it she told me.  Scotty beam me up.

And we wonder why American schools are in decline, I think I just found the problem.  Just a thought, what if this thought was present in the real world that is not public school, how long would this be tolerated?  Not long I suspect.  So instead of spending millions of dollars on programs and buildings in the hope we can improve schools, how about improving the people who lead them and their agencies?  Just a thought, until next time, peace.

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