My Hand Hurts











I have not posted very much recently because I hurt my shoulder in a football game in November.  No what does that have to do with a hurt hand you ask?  Well the pain goes all the way down to my hand and, well, it makes typing difficult and time consuming!!  So posts have been limited, but hopefully more are coming.

Here is what I have been up to lately.

  • Preached at my church on Sunday.
  • Led youth group on Sunday.
  • Gave a training at school on Monday.
  • Planned two weeks worth of podcasts Saturday.
  • Podcast at Purposeful U and Two Teachers in Texas over the weekend.
  • Hosted a good friend at church on Thursday, January 17 and planned the event.
  • Training for half marathon (I know, again) and ran five miles on Saturday.
  • Tried to fix truck over weekend (seems okay now).
  • And all of the other teacher, husband, youth pastor, dad, brother, son, homeowner, friend stuff we all do.

I was busy, how about you?

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